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David Unger, MSW Understanding that fundraising is more than raising money,
but building community to sustain your mission,
the work of Unger & Associates LLC will help your organization:

  • Define your organization’s mission to ensure the message reflects the work your organization does.

  • Develop a strong donor retention plan.

  • Integrate your Strategic and Development Plan to have them both work for you. (Or help your organization create the Strategic and Development Plan to have them both work for you.)

  • Maximize your organization’s Board and Committee Structure.

  • Effectively build and implement the organizations Branding / Marketing Plan.

  • Providing your organization a powerful relationship / data fundraising/ software package with a low cost, high value pricing and benefit structure that will only enhance your organization. (Special pricing is now available for Unger & Associates LLC clients). Let our free assessment help you see the benefits of having TotalCommunityManager in your organization.

"We worked with David to introduce the concept of a culture of philanthropy and relationship based fundraising to our staff and board. He also helped us begin the process of creating a development plan and case for support that connects with our strategic plan.

David knows what questions to ask and instead of telling you what you should be doing he provides a facilitated process that helps the participants experience what he wants them to understand. That is not an easy task, but it is so much more effective, and he does it very well. He understands smaller non-profits and works with you from where you are and helps provide you the steps to get to where you need to go. He doesn’t put you in a step in the process prematurely and he is realistic and practical. I recommend David if you really want to be challenged to be the best you can be."

Nancy Stansbery; Vice President of Development & Communications
Wildlands Conservancy


With my diverse team of skilled associates and partnering consultants, we can help develop the appropriate financial and program resources for your long-term success.

A complimentary two hour Organizational Analysis is available,
please complete the form on the contact page to set up your appointment.


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